Glass bottle of Cruzan Island Reserve Rum with a classic label.
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Cruzan® Island Reserve Rum

Only available for purchase on St. Croix, one of our rarest rums is aged for 8 long years until it is ready to share with anyone you call a friend.

Explore the Flavors of St. Croix

Aroma: Warm and full with prominent wood tones, followed by a wave of honey, cinnamon, vanilla and cherries.

Taste: Complex wood notes, smooth and buttery mouthfeel, finishing with the notes of cinnamon and honey that the aroma promised.

Created by Master Distiller Gary Nelthropp, Cruzan® Island Reserve celebrates the patience, resilience and bonds we share with our home island of St. Croix. This carefully aged expression is enjoyed by many who visit our island and those who call it their home.  We like it best neat or on the rocks, but it also works well in timeless classics like an Old Fashioned.

Dark oak wood panel background with a bright red paint swash.

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Our recommended cocktail for this rum is ready to make, or you may want to try one of our family favorites.

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All of our rums are great for sipping with a few friends, but some have been crafted to shine on their own.

Cruzan® Rum neat in a rocks glass.
Cruzan® Rum neat cocktail in a clear glass set against an oak barrel background with a blue paint swash.
Rum Old Fashioned
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Rum Old Fashioned

A classic found on the edge of a dimly lit bar can now be found in front of your bonfire with an added tropical twist.

Rum old fashioned cocktail in a clear glass, a dark rum drink.
Rum old fashioned cocktail set against an oak barrel panel background with a navy blue paint swash.
Queen’s Park Swizzle
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Queen’s Park Swizzle

The combination of fresh mint and Cruzan® Estate Diamond Dark Rum makes this classic cocktail an obvious choice for when you want to serve your friends something special.

Queen's Park Swizzle Cocktail in a Collins glass with a red, white and green layered look.
Queen's Park Swizzle Cocktail in a Collins glass with a red, white and green layered look set against a wood background with a dark red paint swash.


Cruzan® Aged Dark Rum glass bottle
Cruzan® Aged Light Rum glass bottle
Clear glass bottle of Cruzan® Coconut Rum

Cruzan® Aged Dark Rum

The rum that started it all, Cruzan® Aged Dark is an exquisite blend of rums aged two to four years in charred oak casks.

Cruzan® Aged Light Rum

A blend of rums aged one to four years in ex-bourbon barrels and filtered for a full-bodied taste.

Cruzan® Coconut Rum

A smooth blend of high-quality Cruzan® Rum and the natural, creamy flavor of coconut.

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Relief. Renewal. Resilience.

Discover how far and wide we support communities weathering storms of all kinds.
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Volunteers help rebuild and fix up homes after a hurricane hit St. Croix.


Cruzan® Aged Light Rum
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Cruzan® Aged Light Rum

Cruzan® Aged Light Rum glass bottle
Cruzan® Black Strap Rum
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Cruzan® Black Strap Rum

Cruzan Estate Diamond Black Strap Rum 750 ml. glass bottle
Cruzan Black Strap Rum in a clear bottle set against a dark oak wood background with a black paint swash.
Cruzan® Single Barrel Rum
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Cruzan® Single Barrel Rum

Glass bottle of Cruzan® Single Barrel Rum.

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