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Sometimes, a spirit is tested.

Supporting relief and renewal.

When Hurricane Maria struck St. Croix, our community was tested. The very next day we began to rebuild. Born out of this resilience, the Island Spirit Fund was created to support communities weathering storms of all kinds. From disaster relief efforts to reconstruction and large scale volunteer events, the spirit of St. Croix now reaches far beyond our shores.

Never wavering. Always supporting.

The Island Spirit Fund was created to help support communities near and far. To date, over $5 million has been raised, over 400 homes have been built, and more than 8,612 trees have been planted. Wetlands are being protected, volunteers are donating their time, and the unmistakable Island Spirit of togetherness and resilience is being felt through it all.

In partnership with Global Giving, the Island Spirit Fund supports relief, renewal, and resilience within USVI and US communities who have weathered storms of all kinds. Cruzan helps fund these efforts and we believe you can feel it all in the rum that we make and the good that we do.

Volunteers help with the clean up after a hurricane hit St. Croix.



Our roots run deep. Our bonds deeper.

Discover how a supportive community is the real success behind our rum.

A couple drinking mixed rum drinks created at a rum distillery in St. Croix.

Plan a trip or glimpse behind the scenes from home.

See up close how Cruzan is made and meet the people behind your favorite rum.


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Cruzan® Hurricane Proof Aged Rum

Glass bottle of Cruzan® Hurricane Proof Rum.
Cruzan Hurricane Proof Aged Rum in a glass bottle set against a whitewashed wood background with a red paint swash.
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Cruzan® Aged Light Rum

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Cruzan®Coconut Rum

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Clear glass Cruzan Coconut Rum bottle against a whitewashed wood background with a light blue paint swash.